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As the name implies, this centre is going to be cultivating talents among people of all age group. This place is located in the heart of Velachery , opposite to Chennai silks and above asthma and dental studio. Highlights of the Talent Studio being easy accessibility, air conditioned spacious hall, car parking facility, trained masters with years of expertise in teaching, in house paediatrician and other doctors in case of any injury during martial arts training and other fitness related training. The following classes will be conducted on a month on month basis – Light music training, carnatic music, Violin, keyboard, guitar, mrithangam, mandolin, zumba, aerobics, western dance, bharathanatyam, Kung Fu, drawing and painting, yoga and meditation, personal trainer for fitness, hindi, Sanskrit, tamil, spoken hindi, brain games [chess, Rubik’s cube, puzzles..Etc], storytelling, soft skills for kids. This will be a one stop studio for all your needs for a holistic growth.

Talent studio will also have space to conduct Lectures, birthday parties and can accommodate up to 75 people.

The unique program of Talent Studio will be light music training.First of its kind in velachery for people who have interest to pursue cine play back singing or for those who want to participate in TV music competitions. This program will be conducted by a well trained cine playback singer who judges many tv shows.


For the month of may, we are coming up with a very unique summer camp for kids – TALENT IDENTIFICATION SUMMER CAMP. In this, we will introduce your child to 15 unique talents and give them a hands on experience by professional gurus. By this the kids get a direct exposure to the activity. The guru s will identify the talent by making a note of many factors and give a detained report for each child and each session. We will finish the camp with a convocation ceremony identifying the new found hidden talent for each child. This will be a great opportunity for parents who really want to find out their kids potential instead of just wasting time in front of the TV,i pod and phones.

1. What is special about this Talent identification summer camp?

In this Talent identification summer camp, we will introduce your kids to 15 different activities, hands on, by professional masters. The kids will get to try all these activities with proper guidance. The masters will then give a personalised report on the intetest levels of each and every kid. After 4 weeks, there will be a convocation where every kid performs some activity that they have learned during the camp.

2. How did this idea originate ?

My son desperately wanted to learn the guitar. So I enrolled him in a class. After 1 and a half months, he came and told me that he doesn’t like guitar anymore and he wants to learn Kung-fu only. So I again enrolled him in a Kung-fu class. Now he has decided that he wants to learn only Western dance and nothing else. How many classes can parents enroll their kids to find out what they like? But the fact is, only if the kids try out each and every activity personally they will come to know if they like it or not. So as a parent I was wondering how to address this issue. This idea came in from that thought. This will be a super way to explore for kids and I am sure parents will love it too.

3. Do you think kids can learn all 15 activities in 4 weeks?

Definetly not. This is place where a proper exposure will be given to kids to explore and try different activities that they have not done before. How else can a child try to play a mandolin or a flute or try public speaking that too in front of a professional master ? When they try every activity, that too 4 times, they will get to know which one interests them and the masters will get a fair idea of which activity each child is naturally inclined to. We will have a convocation at the end of the camp and give a certificate to every child mentioning a few of the activities that the kid really seem interested and inclined. The parents can then enroll the kids in those activities and take it forward. This summer camp is actually a guidance for the parents on which direction to take the kids.

4. How many activities do the kids do in a day ?

This summer camp is for 4 weeks of May and from Monday to Friday 9 am to 12 noon. So everyday we will have 3 masters coming in. So one hour they take up one activity. In a week they will have 3 activities a day multiplied 5 days a week and so they complete the 15 activities in one week. They repeat the same 15 activities 4 times for 4 weeks. Each kid is exposed to all 15 activities, 4 times during the camp.

5. How much is the costing for this camp ?

For this 4 weeks camp, 3 hours a day, we charge Rs 6000/-. We have an early bird registration offer. If parents register before April 10 th , they can enroll their kids for Rs 4900/- only.

6. After the camp incase the parents want to enroll their kids, do you have all those classes in Talent studio?

Yes. We do have all these classes in Talent studio. In fact the masters who are taking the classes only will be attending to the kids during the summer camp also. This concept is possible only because we have all these professional master with us. Otherwise it is not feasible to have experienced masters for summer camps.

7. How was this camp recieved last year ?

It was a grand success last year. Kids totally enjoyed it. We had a whatsapp group for the parents and we were having photos uploaded continously. So it was literally like a running commentary for the parents. They too felt great because they were well informed of what was happening here and what their kids were up to. We really look forward to the camp this year.

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