Bharathnatyam Classes in Velachery

Bharatnatyam Classes in Velachery

As per the Hindu Tradition the name of the ancient dance form, Bharathnatyam, is derived from the fusion of two words, “Bharatha” and “Natyam”. Here the word “Natyam”, in Sanskrit means dance while the word “Bharatha” is a mnemonic composed of ‘bha’, ‘ra’ and ‘tha’ which symbolises ‘bhava’ that is emotion and feelings; ‘raga’ that refers to melody; and ‘thala’ for rhythm respectively. Traditionally, this meaningful word refers to a dance form where bhava, raga, and thala are expressed. The Bharathnatyam classes in Velachery let you understand the true essence of this art.

Do You Connect with Your Body & Have Boundless Imagination?

Most of us don’t. We often lose the connection with our body as we grow up. Look at the children. You could find them connected to the floor, sliding, running, jumping, falling, with no effort. They do this with ease and grace.

Why does this happen? Why do we lose the ability to imagine boundless and express ourselves? We, at Talent studio, especially our Bharathnatyam classes in Velachery, are keen on exploring this idea of retaining the children’s flexibility.

Bharathnatyam uplifts the dancer & the beholder to a higher level of spiritual consciousness as it is extremely traditional and popularly known for its grace, purity, tenderness, statuesque poses.

Why you should enroll your kids for Bharathnatyam classes in Velachery?

This ancient dance form dwells on discipline. With the practice of Adavu, patiently along with the guru bhakthi, the child is disciplined at an early age.

Secondly, it augments the mind. Learning Bharathnatyam helps in improving the mental stability of the children. The subtle movements of feet along with hand-eye coordination helps the child to develop a smart mind.

This is a great form of fitness activity. It helps you to ooze out the fatty acids in the body and keep your body fit and flexible. Hence, being a dance form that blends music, dance, and theater, Bharathnatyam instills poise & self-improvisation in children.

So, let your children or even yourself pursue Bharathnatyam and experience the positive difference. When this traditional and Authentic dance is performed with complete concentration, it is as good as yoga.

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