Bharatnatyam- a traditional Indian Dance form.

Bharatanatyam is one of the finest and oldest classical dance forms in India. This dance form is originated from the Hindu temples from Tamilnadu and it became widely popular all over South India. Nowadays it is performed as an art form in stages by both male and female dancers.

This art form is known for its expressions, half sitting postures, strong footwork and beautiful hand gestures called mudras, typically this art form is only performed in religious themes but in the current time, we can see a lot of modern themes applied to this traditional dance.

The costumes are as graceful as the dance form itself, Women wear traditional clothes in silk materials in such a way it looks like dhoti in the bottom and a readymade stitched pleats in the top, also traditional South Indian jewelry are worn from head to toe. The makeup is perfectly done with bold kohl eyes, which allows us to see the dancer’s expressions. The hair is beautifully plaited and decorated with flowers.

But learning Bharatanatyam is not easy, it takes a lot of determination, discipline, and practice, children start their dance training at a very young age and it takes 7 years of practice to officially do a public performance which is called arangaetram. But this art form can be learned at any age if we have the determination and the focus it is not limited to a certain age and there are Bharathnatyam classes in Velachery to learn the dance form.

This graceful art form that survived through all these years is considered one of the greatest prized possessions in India and it should be cherished and spread more.

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