Difference between KARATE and KUNG-FU

Only very few among many deadly Martial arts are still practicing for self-defense. The most famous and active fighting styles, are KUNG-FU and KARATE. Many of us aware of these two fighting styles. Fundamentally these two fighting styles are from martial arts and the involvement of HANDS.

Of Course, you may well know these similarities, but how these two styles differ from each other is worth to look into.


Karate from Japan and Kung-Fu from China. Term ‘te’ in Karate means involvement of the hand movement.

Motion – Change of position

Also referred by linear vs circular. The note in karate is more in a straight line. Whereas Kung Fu 90% of the moment is going to be circular.

Offense vs Defense

Karate more often trained to the offense, by effective use of Karate one can harm the opponent. In the case of Kung Fu, we can try to escape or stop the counterpart.


It may not be the more stressing factor, even worth considering. Pants and jackets are in white color. Based on the skill level practitioners pass through will be honored with the different colored belt. Belt colors are ordered from White, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown and black. The black belt is for the one who masters in karate.

Kung-Fu practitioner uses different style tops with frog buttons. Like karate, Kung Fu to belts that vary based on the skill level. Here Yellow, Green, and Black.

The major difference in custom comes in shoes. Karate practicing with barefoot whereas Kung Fu. Kung-Fu classes in Velachery provide the best service for kids with talented trainers.

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