Before starting yoga you need to know about these facts.

The more you engage with martial arts, the more intrigued you will by Yoga. In case you were turned off by the sheer trendiness of it. It looks like another vapid attempt by Westerners to find quick-fix solutions via Eastern philosophies. You weren’t wrong. A lot of that goes on, but I was throwing the baby out with the bathwater. As time, has progressed, you’ve read more about what makes tick and you’ve interacted with some high-quality martial artists who are also avid Yoga practitioners.

In yoga practice, there are different poses are present.  Asanas are the physical yoga poses you perform.  There are different forms of yoga but the physical practice through asana work comprises the overwhelming majority of classes offered in India. For yoga classes click on Yoga classes in Velachery.

The different form of asana practice right now is flow yoga.  It might be in a heated or unheated environment and last between 60 and 90 minutes.  Mostly, Poses are typically held around 5 breaths then transition to another pose.

Upside – Upside Transitions you through many poses and is a great workout due to the frequency of movement rather than just static holds.

Downside – Downside means a lack of detailed instruction. You don’t spend much time in each pose to allow a thorough breakdown of its elements.

There are different basic classes at many schools that are not as flow oriented.  They used to address the most common beginner poses, provide a breakdown of a pose, and move at a much slower pace than a regular flow class.

Upside – Upside provides key details to poses which may not be addressed in a flow class. ‎Martial arts classes in Velachery giving you the opportunity to learn martial art from professionals.

Downside – Downside pace of the class is slow and does not provide much conditioning for someone who is already in shape. Please be engage with Martial Arts to get the best benefits.

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