How to Stay Motivated in your Yoga practice?

1. Keep your Yoga practice short and sweet

If you are unable to manage a 90 minute of practice, don’t be so hard. In case you are taking 10-30 minutes can allow you to get the full effect of a session or allow you to focus on muscle groups that may need a stretch. The most important is to bring your attention to your mat and steady your breath, even for a relatively short period, will let you reap benefits throughout the day.

You can also try to find 10 minutes of seated meditation can set a more relaxed and less frenetic tone for the day. You can notice that you will react more positively to challenges that present themselves later. You can sleep more deeply if you can manage to get in a short meditation before bed. If you interested to learn yoga click on Yoga classes in Velachery.

2. Find a regular time

You should fix a time each day which you can dedicate to your practice. You must plug it into your calendar. You should create some new positive habits and associations, such as rolling out your mat as soon as you get back to your home from the workplace, rather than engaging into some other work. Or you should get up a bit early to manage a perfect timing for your yoga.

3. Inspire yourself

You must remember, as every day you clean your room, brush your teeth, similarly Yoga class must be included in your daily routine. Giving an excuse is very easy, but maintaining the routine is the toughest one. In the end, you must understand you are the one who is going to get benefitted. If you are not regular to your Yoga class means you are cheating yourself. You might find a lot of negativity spread online, but it’s also possible to use social media in a positive light, for example by following your favorite yogis to gain inspiration. But you must always listen to your body and you should not push. If you push it will be harmful to your body. It’s very easy to participate in one day Yoga campaign in your office or any club. But, making it a part of your daily routine is very important. You must be thinking positively. If you make it as your habit, you are the one who will be benefitted.  For dance class click on ‎Dance classes in Velachery

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