Ideas to help your child discover the joy of chess!

We all know that teaching chess to small kids can be a very delicate one. People who hardly tried to teach chess to their little ones will definitely know how the experience can either be an evergreen memory or a nightmare you somehow want to endure, particularly with a gang of mischievous kids. The way the pendulum oscillates leans on how much you know their grasping ability and what your strategy is towards teaching. In this blog, we are going to see some nourishing ideas could help our children to realize the joy of chess.

Why do we get burnt awfully in a class full of little kids, particularly the ones starving for chess but having the mischievous mindset? The problem originates with the values upon which your coaching strategy is based. Many of us thinking wrongly as our kids are like empty vessels, some of the superficial creatures waiting to saturate their brain buckets with intelligence and knowledge. But the reality is that children are more flexible towards learning by nature and their minds always willing to discover some new and thrilling things.

The dream to fill these buckets, when they don’t understand, leads to annoyance, enough to set your bristles on fire. But if you deliberate them as beautiful growing minds tending to absorb the seeds and sparkles of inspiring new things to learn and grow as they grow, then the class becomes more joyful and unforgettable.


Being a chess coach of little kids is like being a nurseryman for a rose bed, one that glows with assorted colors of roses when they start flowering. The problem is that we should have to sustain their activities with more persistence, time and tolerance.

The Fun of Learning:

Fun is the only thing that excites children more than anything in the world. Adding fun in the learning aspects makes them curious to learn better. The game should not be like regular tutoring and the lessons to be memorized, but as a coloring booklet that should be endured and experienced.

Implanting curiousness and interest:

Pushing students with realities and complicated concepts at the very beginning will make them get bored quickly. Eventually, they will start to lose their learning interest. What matters more is continually injecting a sense of awe, nurturing their curiosity about chess. ‎In our best chess class in Velachery, the superior environment and coaching helps your kids to findout the grand master within themselves.

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