Introduction about Indian classical music

Music is an art that has no language but can speak to all living organisms either a human being or plants or other animals. It can easily touch the heart and soul of a person without any effort and make everyone to admire about it. Music is a form of energy which has the tendency to change human life. In India, music has a separate place as music is considered as a part of Indian life and culture. India is rich in musical art from ancient times and there are many proofs for this in Indian history and also in the present. Indian musicians are gifted with more talents and skills in music which cannot be denied by anyone in this entire world. Indian music as a number of world-renowned musical styles and genres which is praised by the entire world. More details about our music can be seen in the following music styles.

Indian classical music

Indian classical music is known as the most famous and also very important form of musical art as it has a great connection with the cultures and traditions followed in India. This classical music is in existence from the ancient times as it is mentioned in the oldest Indian literature works like Natya Shastra and in Vedic literature which is strongly believed in Hinduism. Even though classical music is the oldest form of music, it is preferred by today’s generation people and also by the next generation people. Raga and Thala are the two fundamentals of Indian classical music where Raga frames the tone and Thala frames the time to be followed in music.

Indian classical music has two other divisions based on the traditions followed by the people. They are Carnatic music, formed by the people living in the peninsular region of the country and Hindustani music formed and followed by the people living in the northern, eastern and central region of the country. Indian film music plays an important role in popularizing Indian classical music all over the world like the taste and texture of classical music can be seen clearly in Indian film music and songs. Starting from India’s first vocal film Alam Ara in 1931, Indian music has never forgotten to give a complete treat to the music lovers even today even though many western music also got mixed together with Indian classical music. To know more about Indian classical music click on music classes in Velachery and light music classes in Velachery.

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