The Magic of Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is a dance form that is a combination of emotions, music, rhythm, and expressions. As per the Hindu tradition this name of the dance form was derived by joining two words, ‘Bharata’ and Natyam’ where ‘Natyam in Sanskrit means dance and ‘Bharata’ a comprising ‘bha’, ‘ra’ and ‘ta’ that respectively means ‘bhava’ this is emotion and feelings; ‘raga’ that is melody; and ‘tala’ that is rhythm.

It includes all the traditional aspects of an Indian classical dance – acting (facial expressions), postures (hand position), and Padma (narrative dance). This dance form is famous for its unique gestures. Majorly the fixed upper torso, legs bent or knees flexed out combined with spectacular footwork. For more details click on ‎Bharathnatyam classes in Velachery.

Postures and mudras, songs and steps, this dance form is a magical blend of expressions, melody and rhythm. Bharatanatyam is an Indian classical dance from Tamil Nadu. In our culture where traditional dance occupies a very important part, Bharatanatyam dance form is at the top of many parents’ pursuits for their child.

Dance, especially Bharatanatyam can be a great activity to achieve fitness. Dance is the best way to achieve and maintain fitness. There are very few exercise routines that can boast of the same benefits with respect to coordination and endurance. Grace and Poise are of course the icing on the cake! Bharatanatyam also cites persistence, discipline, culture and social skills as added learning quotients your child can have from this art form.

But it, not just physical improvements, Bharatanatyam can have great cognitive and psychological impacts on your child as well. In Bharatanatyam, it’s very important for a performer to remember different moves and steps, names of the various steps, the beats and rhythm of the song. With remembering all a dancer must pay attention if the body movements are in sync. This helps to hone the mental skills and builds mental alertness. Moreover, all the Bharatanatyam dancers have been proven to possess more confidence.

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