Why Bharatanatyam is very important for kids???

Nowadays students are very busy with their studies and projects. They don’t have time to participate in any extracurricular activities. For keeping the immune system strong it’s very important to participate in physical activities. Bharatanatyam is also coming under this category. Here you can found how important it was in our daily lives and what the benefits you get when you dance Bharatanatyam. It was a combination of Nritta, Nritya, and Natya. Three of these having specific meanings. Nritta give importance to body movements whereby Nritya for dance postures and Natya for drama and poems. Here you can find some importance of Bharatanatyam.

     It will improve body balance. In Bharatanatyam, the dancer has to maintain body balance throughout the full performance. The body movement used in this called Karanas was very important for improving body balance. While performing this movement performer have to stand in the same pose for a few seconds. Bharatanatyam will also improve flexibility. This was mainly based on hand gesture and facial expression to communicate and to express the feelings. Various Mudras used in this dance will improve flexibility. While practicing for a long time this will also improve the stamina of the body. It’s very important to remember every poses and name of each step in Bharatanatyam so that it will improve the concentration power.

    Bharatanatyam was very beneficial for the heart. While dancing it will improve blood circulation and keeps your heart very healthy. Learning from mistakes is very important in everyone’s life. This dance is also based on that for a perfect performance. It will help to improve your endurance. While dancing the body muscles will be always active so that it will help to keep the body weight in control. In Bharatanatyam, various expressions are shown throughout the face. The movements in facial muscles will make the facial tissues very strong. So it will make the facial skin healthy and glowing. If you are looking for the Bharatanatyam classes in Chennai you can visit the best Bharatanatyam classes in Velachery.

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