Why you should learn Hindi?

If you are interested to understand and learn a second language, that is always one of the best way to expand your career objectives and opportunities, as well as widen your cultural and travel horizons. There are so many reasons are present why you can plan to learn Hindi.

1. Hindi is spoken by Millions of People Around the World

Hindi is the language that is spoken by almost 260 million people around the world as a native tongue, along with another estimated almost 120 million people in the world used to speak or use Hindi such countries like India and Nepal.

As a wide number of speakers used to speak in Hindi. This language is the fourth most-spoken language in the world. If you’re planning to learn a new language, you should know that with Hindi, you’ll have a lot of people used to practice to speak with across many different countries. And, Hindi is the most frequently and commonly spoken language in our country. To learn hindi click on ‎Hindi tuitions in Velachery.

2. Hindi is incredibly like Urdu

In case you’re planning to learn a language that helps you to provide maximum value, then Hindi might be your cup of tea. Because, if you’ve learnt Hindi, it will be very easy for you to speak Urdu, as both the language shares a certain feature to a common point, it includes vocabulary and grammar.

3. It’s very useful in Business

India is the booming economy country, and this country also going to be watch out for next few decades. If anyone planning to establish business, it would be great if they have a knowledge of Hindi. This will help to do very well in the market as the maximum used language in our country is Hindi.

4. Hindi is a Phonetic Language

Dissimilar to English, Hindi is a phonetic language. It means that the words in Hindi are pronounced just as they are written down. Learning Hindi is just a case that you can learn how each letter in Hindi sounds and you can learn how the Hindi alphabet are. If you make it then you can say that almost all the word you come across.

This would be a real advantage when learning a language, as it makes picking up new words and developing your vocabulary much easier. . If you are interested on Bharatnatyam click on ‎Bharathnatyam classes in Velachery.

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