Drawing Classes in Velachery

Drawing Classes in Velachery
Drawing Classes to enhance your kids’ talent and creativity

Kids are undoubtedly the most precious assets of every parent. Hence, it is your duty as a parent that your little one is provided with all the facilities and resources, so that it can grow to be a strong, bright, intelligent and well developed man/girl. Besides the regular studies, the kids are required to be engaged in various types of activities, so that they can enhance their talents and creativity. Kids in general tend to excel in something or the other that interests them immensely, be it dancing, singing or sports. Every child is known to be special and has a specific interest of his/her own. There are few kids, who do have passion for coloring and drawing. If so, then the best place for nurturing their talent is to join the best Art and drawing classes in Velachery such as Talent Studio.

Creating talents

Joining reputed institutions like Talent Studio for Drawing Classes in Velachery can make the child proud to have that extra edge over the others. In this highly competitive world, it is important for your kid to be ahead of the others in each and every area of life. But this is something that should be achieved with love and not by force. It is a task that is best achieved by the experts at Talent Studio. They are well trained and qualified to handle children of all ages and to provide them with the right kind of training, so that they can emerge a winner.

Becoming masters

At this institution, the children are taught to become experts and be prepared for participating in drawing and coloring contests that are held by schools and other institutions from time to time. aving acquired proper and in-depth knowledge from the best Drawing Classes in Velachery, the young one can appear confident in its abilities to win the contest and the prize that comes with it.

Helps to explore the inner self

Art and Drawing Classes in Velachery does help the small one to explore its young minds and to come up with variety of ideas and imaginations which was never thought before. This way, your child would be encouraged to explore the different possibilities, while enhancing its capabilities and creativity. There are various course taught here that fits perfectly the requirements of your little one.

Releasing hidden talents

Through Drawing Classes in Velachery, your kids can realize its dreams and hidden talents, which possibly you might not be aware about. With Talent Studio, you can give your little one the much needed opportunity and chance to explore its imagination. Children are quite easy to be trained and motivated to perform much better at a young age. They may have the potentiality to become great artists in the future. What they require is a small nudge and proper guidance from the experts. It is here that Talent Studio is known to perform a great role by providing the young minds the much needed skills and direction to become a great artist!

Art & Drawing Classes Timings and Fees Structure

# Classes Days Batch Fees Structure

Drawing Master

Drawing Master

Profile of S Chellaiah

Master Chellaiah has one of the well known fine artists in Chennai. He has over 40+ years experience in teaching fine arts to students with different age category.

  • Excellent knowledge and experience of art and different teaching styles
  • Highly proactive, creative, and trustworthy person
  • Familiar with art history and art genres, and passion for art
  • Skilled in providing lessons of different art genres to students

Traditional Drawing Classes
  • Airbrush
  • Acrylic paint
  • Crayon
  • Human finger (with ink or paint)
  • Marker
  • Oil paint
  • Pen and ink
  • Pencil
  • Tempera
  • Watercolor
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