Flute Classes in Velachery

Flute Classes in Velachery

If you are looking at enrolling in the best Flute Classes in Velachery then TALENT STUDIO is the one for you. Here the trainer teaches not just the instrument but also the theory and so an overall growth as a musician is ensured. Flute Classes in Velachery branch is right opposite to Chennai silks and located at the heart of Velachery. It’s a cozy air conditioned environment for comfortable learning. The art will be taught in a very easy method with a lot of breathing techniques and exercises. Welcome to TALENT STUDIO if you are looking for Flute Classes in Velachery.


Music is a form of cultural and artistic activity. The general definition for the music will include pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and the qualities of sonic of timber and texture. Music has been performed with the huge range of instruments and the techniques of vocal activities that range from the singing to rapping, they combine some instruments and singing in the pieces of instrumental, and solely vocal pieces. Music is one of the fun hobbies that a person can engage in. Music also offers some great values for life both emotionally and spiritually. If you have interest to learn and play the flute, flute classes in Velachery is the right choice for you.


The flute is a member of the woodwind family and the flute made of metal won’t produce or reed any sounds. Instead, they produce a tone in the flute and the player should tone across the whole of the mouthpiece. The size of the flute will be small and it will carry easily. A flute is a popular instrument and it can be played in all musical genres and have more competitors. A flute can be played and performed in bands, orchestras or symphony, in some group of jazz and also some instrumental groups. Musicians who play flutes are called as a flutist, flute player, a flutist, or a flutter. Flute classes in Velachery provides the proper posture for learning note for all types of flutes like piccolo, alto, tenor, contrabass, and bass flute.


In a standard concert, Flute is pitched in the key of C, and there is a range of approximation of 3 octaves. Another flute type of Alto is pitched in the key of G. Throughout the history the flute has many different materials like bone, plastic, wood, ivory, glass, brass, ivory, resin, nickel, silver, platinum, and gold. In many cultures, they have their own kind and version of flutes.


Talent studio is one stop destination which delivers the best flute classes in Velachery. We offer an amazing series of flute lessons and notes from our experienced musicians. Just visit us to learn about syllabus, fees, and schedule.

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Flute Classes Timings and Fees Structure

# Classes Days Batch Fees Structure
5 - 6 PM
10-11 AM
1500/ Month – 2 hrs a week

Flute Trainer

Flute Trainer
Profile of Mr.Thillai govindha Raj

Mr Thillai govindha raj, popularly known as J.T.G.Raj has been into teaching for the past 10 years. He is a very busy teacher rendering his valuable knowledge to many centres in Chennai. He has been sending his students for Trinity college of London exams for the past 7 years.

He is currently training in 10 centres in Chennai. Pure Carnatic styles will be taught. He is also an expert in Hindustani finger styles.

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