What is Light Music

We have kids who love singing film songs at home. We as parents identify their talent and put them in music classes [ carnatic classes which is the only training available} . Some children do not get the hang of it and stop as soon as we teach sa re ga ma. They feel its too boring and don’t want to continue. So we are not able to help those kids or adults.

This will be a comprehensive package of training and voice culture to help them sing film songs well. We are not in any way against carnatic music. There is no doubt that, it is the basis for any music training. But this training will give access to the joy of music to all.

This can be done as a month on month training or as just a summer camp. The joy that music or singing lasts a life time. I am sure even film music lovers will agree with me. We enroll our kids in western dance not always to make them professional dancers or any instruments or drawing or any learning for that matter. They joy of doing the art comes first. So if we have kids or adults who love singing, they can might as well get trained well and continue their interest.

The joy that singing brings, at home, in school or at colleges or cultural or at work or at family functions etc has no parallel. So it definitely makes sense to get trained properly and in something that we all like to do. There is no end, the training can continue as long as you want to learn. Slowly you can master each song and become confident singing it in public. We are coming up with a concept of arranging shows to showcase your singing talent.

All those who want to sing film songs well, all those who want to sing in tv shows, all those who want to pursue their singing talent professionally, all those who want to enhance their singing skills.

This light music training will be personally done by Dr Lavanya who is a cine play back singer. She has sung in a number a films in more than 7 languages. She has Sung for maestro Ilayaraja, Imman and many others. She has lent her voice to most of the popular ads that we see on Tv. She has been the judge for all the preliminary selection rounds in popular tv shows for the Chennai, trichy and Coimbatore auditions.

How is this program different from the other regular music classes or programs?

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