Yoga Classes in Velachery

Yoga Classes in Velachery
Why seek Yoga Classes in Velachery?

Through Yoga Classes in Velachery, you are provided with intense workouts that is likely to have your body kept in perfect shape, offer the right balance, strength of mind and offer greater clarity, which you had always desiring for. Moreover, you will be offered training by the industry experts employed at Talent Studio. This way, you can be rest assured to learn the basic and advanced yoga postures that is necessary for your body to relax and benefit from it immensely.

Meditation and Yoga Classes offer you to enhance your mental abilities

These days, people of all ages are stressed by their personal and of office life. This is because of the increasing pressure and demands of family and work. Moreover, the present lifestyle that is followed by the modern human beings is also largely responsible for their being stressed for most of the time. Although vacations, holidays and weekend getaways may provide respite from stress and tension, but it is short-lived. This is where you need to look for meditation classes in Velachery, where you are taught by the experts to control your life. The best place to enroll for meditation class is Talent Studio.

Benefitting from yoga and meditation classes

Also, the experts offer you with thorough knowledge, tips and suggestions about yoga and meditation. Their benefits is sure to entail strengthening of the mind and body and enhance its connections, while improving overall fitness of the body. The truth is that by joining Yoga Classes in Velachery at the best institution, you can feel that difference and change in the way you lead your life, both at work and at home. The experts will teach you to live a happy and satisfied life and cherish every moment of it. By inculcating meditation and yoga as regular practice, you can enhance your resistance, while developing mental abilities.

It is into psychological and physiological benefits that meditation and yoga can be categorized to. When bogged down due to stress and pressure of work, practicing meditation and yoga is sure to provide you with intense relief and the urge to overcome challenges in life. Undergoing Yoga Classes in Velachery from the best institution like Talent Studio can provide that magical cure, as well as lower down lactate and cortisol levels, which are termed to be the two major stress inducing chemicals, making you to be prone towards higher stress levels.

Enjoying numerous benefits

A major benefit of undergoing Yoga and meditation classes in Velachery is that it assists you to have a check on the cholesterol level. Having high levels of cholesterol, may mean risking catching cardiovascular disease. However, by practicing meditation and yoga on a regular basis and adopting healthy lifestyle, you can overcome your health issues and live a happy, healthy life.

Also, your learning and memory power is sure to be enhanced by a great level by practicing yoga and meditation. People of all ages and gender can enroll with Talent Studio to enjoy its varied benefits and lead a great lifestyle.

Yoga Classes Timings and Fees Structure

# Classes Days Batch Fees Structure
1 YOGA & MEDITATION MON TO FRI 6-7 AM 1000 / Month

Yoga Trainer

Yoga Trainer
Profile of Mr. A.C. Senthil Kumara

Yoga instructors help to guide students in yoga through a variety of postures, or asanas, and breathing exercises referred to as pranayama. Instructors provide hands-on direction to make sure students are performing movements properly and applying the breathing techniques. Yoga instructors may work in a class or in a one-on-one setting.

Styles of Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Raja Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Yoga Meditation
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga

Details of Yoga Instructor

A.C. Senthil Kumara

D. Acu., Ad. Acu., M.D(Acu)., D.Y.H.E., D.Y.T.,
Acupressurist, Acupuncturist, Business Consultant, Diabetic & Ortho foot wear consultant, Motivational speaker, Pranic Healer & Psychotherapist, Yoga Trainer & Therapist.

  • More than 10 years experience in Acupuncture
  • More than 5 years experience in Yoga
  • Yoga Instructor in Tamil Nadu Armed Reserve Police.
  • Yoga Instructor – Prasant Eye Care, Velachery – 2011
  • Yoga Instructor Master’s Zone, Madipakkam-2012
  • Yoga Instructor – Talent Studio, Velachery. From sep-2016

Mobile: +91 99415 01516


Working Experience and Teaching Experience:

1) Pranic Healing – Basic and Advanced course.
Pranic Healing Foundation of Tamil Nadu, Adyar, Chennai-600020. March-1999

2) Diploma in Acupuncture
Indo-European Institute for Natural Medicine, Cuddalore-607001. August 2000

3) M.D in Acupuncture
Medcina Alternativa Institute, Colombo, December-2001

4) Diploma in Yoga Therapy
Indian School of Yoga. T. Nagar, Chennai-600017, May-2011

5) Diploma in Acupuncture
Sundar community college, Allandur, Chennai-600016, May-2011

6) Diploma in Yoga for Human Excellence
Tamil Nadu Physical Education And Sports University, Chennai, August-2012

7) Advanced course in Acupuncture
Dr. Brothers Institute of Acupuncture And Health Education, Coimbatore-641104, May-2013

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