Zumba Classes in Velachery

Zumba Classes in Velachery
What is required to be known about Zumba music?

It could be that you come across Zumba music and would like to join one of the institutions that impart Zumba classes in Velachery. But before getting enrolled, it is important on your part to know what Zumba music is all about. Without proper knowledge, you would not be able to benefit from your classes and may find that you are missing out on something, somewhere that you are not able to pin point exactly. Contacting the best institution like Talent Studio, can help you stay educated and get to know more about zumba dance classes in Velachery and how you can benefit from the classes.

About Zumba classes in Velachery

To enjoy Zumba classes, you are to first feel the music and enjoy it. This type of dance is not just about the dance moves that you are to perform, but also is stated to be an excellent form of exercise that is likely to keep your body and mind fit. This class is growing in popularity not only in the country, but also across the globe. The dance steps and exercise moves performed are considered to be just an additional benefit. However, it is not likely to be termed Zumba, without it accompanying the sizzling music, which is sure to make you to get up to get carried away with the music and enjoy every moment of it.

Information on Zumba class

Basic zumba dance classes in Velachery are considered to be last for about an hour or so. They are based on the Latin rhythm. With each instructor being different, you are sure to enjoy availing Zumba music of different blends. These days, plenty of hip hop also has been added to Zumba class, since it has been noticed to be popular among students. With every passing moment, this form of music is fast getting popular and to cater to this demand, popular institutions like Talent Studio has ensured employing the best and reputed Zumba trainers, having ample exposure in the domain and know well to handle the trainees

More about Zumba

It was Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez, who had developed Zumba music way back during the early 1990s. Since then, this form of music spread like wildfire across the globe and also has many fans in the country. Perez was a fitness instructor in Colombia, who had improvised music, naming it Zumba, which went on to achieve huge success.

What is Zumba?

It is rather a new music type. The dance styles get reflected in classic track to include Salsa, Mambo, Flamenco, etc. Fast and slow rhythms are incorporated in the music along with resistance work out which helps the body to burn fat, while developing muscles. You are sure to enjoy availing Zumba classes in Velachery from the best institute and cherish every moment of it.

There are several types of Zumba classes offered. Discussing with the executives at the institute can help you to know more about it and to get enrolled.

Zumba Classes Timings and Fees Structure

# Classes Days Batch Fees Structure
1 ZUMBA (2 Batches) MON /WED
8.30 – 9.30 AM
7.30-8.30 PM
2000 / Month (2 Classes per Week)

Zumba Trainer

Profile of Madhanika

Zumba® fitness is a high intensity, yet simple dance movements, loaded with fun. A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious session of Zumba® fitness can burn up to 800 -1000 calories. Let us set the floor on fire, shed calories and fell the new in you.

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